It’s just a few days away. Go past the Fourth of July, round the corner and you’ll be at the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival! Ten days of private gardens that are open to the public for the benefit of local non-profits. Entry into each garden is only $5. and you’ll know you’re supporting a non-profit organization while you see what assorted individual gardeners have designed and planted. There will be over 80 gardens open during the festival, from Falmouth to Provincetown, and they are all listed online at the festival website. From small, very individual gardens to large sweeps of lawns and blue hydreangeas with a water view…veggie gardens, perennial gardens, wildflowers, annuals and more.

Here’s what I find particularly wonderful about the Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest. It totally depends on the generosity of individuals who are willing to share their landscapes and gardens. These homeowners and gardeners are not profiting in any way, yet they have come forward in great numbers for this first year event to celebrate gardens, Cape Cod, and the ability to do good things for our communities.

The organizations that are putting their efforts behind this event are also being generous with their time and willingness, and there are businesses and individuals who are offering special classes, displays, products, and experiences as well. All organized around our signature plant, the Hydrangea. And saints be praised, the Hydrangeas are actually going to be in good flower this summer! The Garden Gods are with us.

I love how great things can happen when a few people come together and say, “Let’s do this!” and that’s how it’s been for this first annual event. In that spirit, I hope that you’ll share this post with as many people as possible so that those who love to visit other gardens will know that they can come to Cape Cod from July 9 through the 19th and see an assortment of sizes and styles of landscapes, attend classes and lectures, or see exhibits and more, all on coastal Massachusetts.

My garden will be open on three of the Hydrangea Fest tours on the 10th, 13th, and 17th. Come celebrate with me!

At the top of my property is my "test gardens" where I plant new perennials that have been sent to me. There are some great plants here...come check them out!

At the top of my property is my “test gardens” where I plant new perennials that have been sent to me. There are some great plants here…come check them out!

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