Tonight we’re expecting our first frost at Poison Ivy Acres, so we’ve spent the past two days picking veggies and flowers, and pulling potted plants inside. I put many of my houseplants out for the summer, so many of these come back indoors, along with tender annuals, tropicals, succulents and other potted plants. But not all the potted plants come inside. This is the time of year to decide which plants get saved and which we will bid farewell to without regret.

If a plant is easy to buy each spring or early summer at the garden centers I’m not likely to save it from year to year. The exception to this is those plants that grow larger and more spectacular every year. So some of the succulents are brought indoors because every year they are larger and more dramatic. I’m also not likely to keep plants that have become unattractive…I don’t care how large they are or how rare; if they are ugly, I’m likely to say “Thanks for coming! BYE!”

It’s OK to let go of a plant you’ve had for years if it’s no longer attractive or if it isn’t bringing something special to the party.

The front room faces south so it's a prime space for over-wintering plants and houseplants.

The front room faces south so it’s a prime space for over-wintering plants and houseplants.

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