Searching for a low growing, bright green alternative for Thyme? Maybe you’re allergic to bee stings and don’t want something that flowers. Perhaps you have slightly heavier soils so that thyme just doesn’t thrive. Or maybe you want a bright green plant that will complement the darker thyme foliage. Have I got a plant for you: green rupturewort, aka green carpet or Herniaria glabra.

I grew this plant from seed and have been so thrilled with it I will start more next year. I have it planted in sunny areas where it only gets watered every one to two weeks, so I know it’s a tough, drought tolerant plant! This makes a good moss substitute for full sun as well.

See how bright this rupturewort is?

See how bright this rupturewort is?

By the way…when you see a plant with “wort” in its common name, that just is an old term for “plant.”  Wort is derived from “wyrt,” an Old English term for plant.


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