And tall too! You can grow that! I started Red Burgundy Okra from seed this year and planted it in the veggie garden, but next year this is going into my flower beds. It has everything a person could want in a late-season garden: it’s tall (now over 4 feet), sculptural, beautiful, unusual and edible. Since I’m always looking for an annual that will be dramatic after the daylilies finish flowering, this plant is being promoted to the perennial garden next summer.

Here’s what you need to know about growing Red Burgundy Okra: start it inside about a month before you plan to put it in the garden. Know that this plant loves heat, so if you live in an area where the early summer is on the cool side, the plants might sulk for awhile. Once the temperatures rise, however, the okra takes off. Finally, if you are a real okra lover and want to feed more than one person on a day’s picking, be sure to plant three or four rows. Each plant only has one or two small, tender pods on it at any one time, and once they grow much beyond six inches they are far too woody and tough. So the ten plants that I have usually only have six to ten edible pods in one harvesting.

Pick the pods regularly even if you don’t eat them in order to encourage more flowers and continual growth.

I've read that the flowers are also edible.

I’ve read that the flowers are also edible.


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