If you live in the Northeast, and want to grow strawberries, you need this book! The Strawberry Story: How to grow great berries in the Northeast gives Northeast gardeners all the information they need to successfully grow berries. From the different types of plants that are available, and the advantages of each variety, to the various places that strawberries can be grown, this ebook will be extremely useful to novice growers and experienced gardeners alike.

I particularly found the section on managing the strawberry bed to be interesting. Like many gardeners, I have wondered whether the wealth of runners and new plants should be allowed to take over or if I was supposed to be editing or otherwise dealing with all of this growth. In addition to soil preparation and planting, Julie’s book addresses how strawberry plants should be tended after the crops are picked. You’ll learn when to fertilize and how to protect the plants for the winter.

Of particular interest to most strawberry growers will be the suggestions for managing various pests and problems that many growers face. (Those !@#$%*# chipmunks!) The Strawberry Story is illustrated with color photographs and contains links to other recommended resources on the web. Fair warning: toward the end of the book the recipes included will have you salivating and wondering how you might hurry your crops along.

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