Sometimes we want a novel that will take us out of our own lives for awhile. We need a book that is compelling and undemanding, so that we can be completely immersed and transported away from our own cares, concerns or immediate situations. I picked up The Husband’s Secret when I needed a good read that would lift me out of a funk and let me vicariously live someone else’s life for awhile. I can honestly say that Liane Moriary’s writing delivered that and more.

You can read great the publisher’s synopsis and many reviews of this book on Amazon: The Husband’s Secret
I’ll just say that the three women who are the primary characters, and the friends, family members and others surrounding them are clearly drawn and believable. The writing is both entertaining and delightful but ultimately the story goes much deeper than the simple “chick lit” tale it seems initially to be.

This was a book that I sank into and didn’t want to put down. It’s a novel pleasantly told on the surface but also rich with layers, complexities, and heartbreaks we recognize. We are reminded of how often we make assumptions about other people that are so wildly off the mark. The author ultimately leaves the reader with a wider, more thoughtful view not only of the characters in her story but of real people who populate our lives.

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