If you’re a foodie and you aren’t growing them, put this on your calendar for next year. “Plant sugar snap peas in the spring.”  Don’t look for plants at your garden center…grow these from seed. You can do it!

Forget the advise about planting peas on Saint Patrick’s day – the reality is that in most of the country the garden is either too cold, too wet, or snowed under in mid-March. But once the temperatures warm, be that in April or May, put these peas in the ground and you’ll be picking huge harvests every day. Because when sugar snap peas start to produce, they do it in spades. Pick these nightly and enjoy them in a variety of ways.

1. Eat them raw in the garden. In fact, take your guests out to the garden in the cocktail hour and sip your favorite beverage while grazing on the sweet, fresh picked peas.

2. Use them raw with dips. Sugar snap peas are perfect for serving with hummus or your favorite sour-cream based dip. Who needs chips when you have fresh picked peas?

3. Stir fry. No need to go into this as you know all about it. Don’t overcook.

4. Steam or blanch briefly in boiling water and then serve as part of a salad or with a light seasoning as a side dish.

5. Skewer them and brush with oil, and then toss on the grill for a mere one minute per side.

Know that the snap peas you grow in your garden are much better than any you buy in the store, organic or not. #reasontogrowyourown

Be sure to grow sugar snap peas on a support that is at least 5 feet high.

Be sure to grow sugar snap peas on a support that is at least 5 feet high.

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