Name:  Weigela florida ‘Rubidor’

Type of Plant:  A shrub that’s hardy in zones 5-9 that brings a large dose of “POW” to the garden. This variety of an old fashioned shrub has brilliant yellow leaves, bright pink (some say rose red) flowers, and a fairly large, sprawling shape.

Why I Love This: Any plant that has colorful foliage speaks to my heart, but this one is especially valuable in that it’s pretty much problem free. No deadheading, no pests or diseases, and no complicated pruning provided it’s planted where it can grow 6 feet tall and wide. I love this plant because it grows in part-shade as well – place Rubidor where it will get four hours of direct sun and it’s a happy plant!

A Word to the Wise:  Never try to prune a Weigela to keep it small. This is a shrub that looks best when you prune out crossed branches and anything that’s growing into the center of the plant, but otherwise leave it alone. The worst thing you can do to a Weigela is to shear it into a green meatball!

This shows how much color Rubidor brings to the party.

This shows how much color Rubidor brings to the party.

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