Name: Solenostemon ‘Redhead’ aka coleus ‘Red Head’

Type of Plant: An annual that is trouble free, brilliant in color, and easy to grow in Sun or part shade.

Why I Love This: This is one of the new varieties of coleus that you don’t have to deadhead and pinch early in the season. It branches out all by itself, forming a nice round mound of bright red foliage. By the end of the summer people were asking me about “that red shrub in your garden” because ‘Red Head’ had grown so large and round it was mistaken for a small bush.

A Word to the Wise: Many people associate coleus with shade, but the new types are not only great in full sun but they are the most colorful when given at least 5 hours of direct sunlight. Grow begonias for color in the shade…but plant ‘Red Head’ Coleus if you want a brilliant foliage annual in your sunny garden.

Random Thoughts: This isn’t available in six packs. Those six pack coleus are seed grown and will go to seed quickly, so they’ll need deadheading and pinching all summer. You’ll pay more for larger plants of ‘Red Head’ but it’s worth every penny.

This plant will give any perennial garden a big punch of "Wow!"

This plant will give any perennial garden a big punch of “Wow!”

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