Name:  Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mop’ aka Gold Mop cypress or gold mop false-cypress

Type of Plant:  An evergreen with golden, thread-like foliage that grows well in full sun or part-shade. Easy to grow in zones 5 through 7.

Why I Love This: Color and texture 12 months a year!

A Word to the Wise:  Although this, and the similar “Gold Thread” variety, is labeled as a “dwarf evergreen” both of them grow to about 5 feet tall and wide. You can clip the leaders as they arise to slow the plant down slightly, but there is no way to keep this shrub short. And don’t even think about shearing this plant! The very thing that makes this conifer beautiful is the long, yellow foliage, so if that’s sheared off it’s a crime against nature. Plant this where it can get 5 feet tall and wide and everyone will be happy.

Color and texture all year! My 'Gold Mop' at the end of December.

Color and texture all year! My ‘Gold Mop’ at the end of December.

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