I am opening my gardens on September 20th for the benefit of the Barnstable Education Foundation. As part of that event we’re selling some hydrangeas and Sweet Summer Love Clematis plants donated by Spring Meadow Nursery, and we’re having a sale and drawing for specially created birdhouses. The houses that have been coming in from various artists are nothing short of inspiring. They are prompting me to create some houses of my own for the event and I look forward to displaying them in my gardens for the tour.

When a local paper interviewed me about this event the reporter asked why I was opening the gardens again this year. My answer was two-fold. 1. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to create beautiful plantings on Cape Cod and if we can use this landscape for a greater good it seems important to do so.  2. One of my goals in life is to help create a gardening revival…part of that involves showing others what they might do for themselves by sharing great plants and plantings. In my experience sharing creative work, be it a garden, birdhouse, a written work or new technology, stimulates others to be creative as well. People like to be a part of something good, so it’s up to all of us to share anything beautiful, clever, or life-affirming, knowing that it’s likely to be contagious. And in a world where so much is discouraging, out of our control, or just plain evil, how can we not do everything possible to spread generosity, growth and joy?

Here are two bird houses that will be in our drawing that make me feel happy, and one of the houses I’ve made for this event as well…more to come!  I hope they make you smile too. birdhouse_ornament_2



Tickets to the garden tour on September 20th can be ordered through the BEF website.

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