The Florida Orange Juice Growers marketed their product using the phrase “Orange Juice: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.” and this was a catchy slogan that people recognized nationwide. Someone once said that for every trend, however, there is a counter trend that becomes even more popular and wouldn’t you know that this would happen here. Now, perhaps, the phrase “Beer: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.” is more widely known. Understandable because it’s funny and makes people smile.

As someone who firmly believes in the benefits of gardens and gardening, I’ve been puzzled that in general the media only wants to cover garden related topics in the spring. Publishers work to release gardening books from February through April because they know that if a plant book comes out in August it’s likely to get no press at all. Yet those who see how plants and gardens feed us, literally and metaphorically, throughout the year know that the spring only approach is short sighted at best, ranging to sadly detrimental.

If you’re here, reading this blog, you undoubtedly have some connection to plants. So let’s get something started and start talking, loudly, about gardening throughout the year. #garden365  Are you in?


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