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Coffee for Roses is for busy people who want to add more beauty, fun, health, creativity and meaning into their lives.

Thanks for your interest in advertising on Coffee for Roses. This blog was launched in January of 2014 with the goal of assisting others to fit life-affirming activities like gardening, plant crafts, and cooking into their already busy schedules.   Coffee for Roses is a business that’s all about jumpstarting a beautiful life, starting in the garden, kitchen, and crafts table.

My previous blog, Whole Life Gardening, had a loyal base of readers and drew over 23 thousand visitors per year.

We’re looking for advertisers who want to reach women who are interested in home, garden, and creativity. Of particular interest are companies who have organic and other products for healthy living. If you think Coffee for Roses is a good fit for your business, choose your desired ad size and send us an offer with the Adproval widget below. All ads will be considered but will be “pending” after purchase until they are approved. If your ad is not accepted please understand that we didn’t feel that it was a good fit between your business and ours. We want to enthusiastically recommend what our sponsors’ offer. Should your website be changed after approval to content inconsistent with what Coffee for Roses supports, we retain the right to remove your ad without warning or refund.

If you’re interested in other affiliate promotions please contact us.

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