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Plant Connections & Dreaming of Chanticleer

As many of you know, I am one of the advisors for Garden Compass, a smartphone app that allows people to have a plant or plant problem identified by actual human eyeballs…when you have this app it’s like having a garden geek in your pocket.

I had a great conversation with one of the Garden Compass users this weekend. The photo below was submitted, and I saw that the person who sent it was in Pennsylvania. I assumed that it was a plant that he/she grew as a houseplant, and since it was outside it was doing well enough to flower.

I identified this plant as a Jatropha – most likely a Jatropha multifida, and here is how the conversation went:

Me: Nice plant! Good to see that you’ve “sent it to summer camp.” It’s clearly happy.

User:  Thanks, but I only wish is were mine. It is growing at Chanticleer in Wayne, PA, where everything and everybody is happy!

Me:  Ah, Chanticleer…my favorite public garden! Plant geeks hyperventilate on a simple trip to the restroom there, right? BTW – the website Top Tropicals has these for sale 😉

User:  You are so right! My husband said you must be spying on me. I always visit the restrooms.

Me: I wish I was spying on you…it would mean that I’m also at Chanticleer. Enjoy!

Here is the photo that was submitted through the app.  Don't you love how the wonder of plants can bring total strangers together?

Here is the photo that was submitted through the app. Don’t you love how the plants can bring total strangers together?

So thanks, Garden Compass,  Chanticleer, and the app user who gets pleasure from great plants. The world needs places that bring people together around wonder and beauty.


3 comments to Plant Connections & Dreaming of Chanticleer

  • You are so right! The world DOES need plants that bring people together.

  • Vianna Heath

    Good morning CL,
    I was on the most recent tour you had as a fund raiser in Sandwich, MA. I had “done” the tour a couple of years ago and was curious as to what your gardens look like now. They are gorgeous and amazing. Your tour was so helpful, I particularly love your term “party crasher”. We have one (I’ll try to include a picture, but am quite inept at the “computer-thing”), but had called it a “renegade”, party crasher is much nicer, and more fun. It’s a Rose of Sharon. We have several that were on the property when we got it about 14 years ago (in East Sandwich). They regularly give off “babies” in the spring which are a lot of fun to share.
    Good gardening!!

  • So glad you enjoyed the tour, Vianna! It was great fun to be able to share the gardens with everyone who came. Rose of Sharon are well known to crash parties all over Cape Cod. In fact, this week I’ll be pruning mine, cutting off the seed pod so that I dispose of those future “renegades” (like that term too!) before they can show up next spring.