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I Love ‘Red Head’ Coleus

Name: Solenostemon ‘Redhead’ aka coleus ‘Red Head’

Type of Plant: An annual that is trouble free, brilliant in color, and easy to grow in Sun or part shade.

Why I Love This: This is one of the new varieties of coleus that you don’t have to deadhead and pinch early in the season. It branches out all by itself, forming a nice round mound of bright red foliage. By the end of the summer people were asking me about “that red shrub in your garden” because ‘Red Head’ had grown so large and round it was mistaken for a small bush.

A Word to the Wise: Many people associate coleus with shade, but the new types are not only great in full sun but they are the most colorful when given at least 5 hours of direct sunlight. Grow begonias for color in the shade…but plant ‘Red Head’ Coleus if you want a brilliant foliage annual in your sunny garden.

Random Thoughts: This isn’t available in six packs. Those six pack coleus are seed grown and will go to seed quickly, so they’ll need deadheading and pinching all summer. You’ll pay more for larger plants of ‘Red Head’ but it’s worth every penny.

This plant will give any perennial garden a big punch of "Wow!"

This plant will give any perennial garden a big punch of “Wow!”


Tillandsia (Air Plant) Chandelier

Here's how the finished piece looks under my grape arbor. Once the grapes are fully leafed out these plants will love the dappled light here! Until then, I'll place this in a bright location where they won't get dead-on sun.

As I was pondering how I’d keep my Tillandsia plants happy outdoors this year, my eyes fell on a wire chandelier style candle holder. Perfect!

I used the following materials: Cling florist clay Bark-covered wire Green Craft Wire CedarFresh Cedar Flower Rings with Lavendar , 20-Pack (I had these in my craft supplies already. Purpose below.) Spanish

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Rhubarb Ginger Compote

Chop the rhubarb and grate the ginger.

It’s spring, and many gardeners have rhubarb in the garden. Even if you’re not ready to make a pie, rhubarb crisp, or any of the other great uses of rhubarb stalks, you can quickly make a compote that can be used in a variety of ways. Once you have this cooked it can be frozen

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Love This!

Dear Essie House

"Six Little Birds Dancing on a Wire" was done by Essie House, a Kindergarten student at the Theodore Jones Elementary school in Arkansas. This was one of the many amazing works by young people that I saw at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock. If you're looking for a great place to visit in the USA, look no further than Little Rock, Arkansas. I was blessed to be there in May, and Essie's painting was just one part of my spirit-lifting visit.

Dear Essie, I saw your delightful painting at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock. Please believe me when I say that I enjoyed all of the pieces that were done by the young people such as yourself as much as I appreciated the other exhibits that we walked through last week. All of the

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My Favorite Garden Hose…

Reason to celebrate! Not only can we get an it's-so-bright-you'll-never-misplace-it-again Flexzilla hose, but we can also have a soft green, brown (so why didn't someone do THIS sooner?)  or decorator blue and coral.

just got better! I’ve posted in the past about how much I love this garden hose: Legacy HFZG550YW Flexzilla 5/8 X 50 Zilla Green Garden Hose with 3/4 GHT Ends. The Flexzilla hose is light weight, easy to coil but hard to kink, and safe for people and pets to drink from. Those who want to

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A Verse for the Cursed

It’s time to publish my annual poem that celebrates dandelions. 

Oh Dandelion, I watch you grow And wonder why we hate you so Your cheerful yellow flowers sing In celebration, “See? It’s spring!”

You’re very hardy there’s no doubt You grow in cold or wet or drought Yet most will hate you in the lawn

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