Early Fall Garden Salad

In mid-September the garden is still producing and one of our favorite meals is one that is created with what’s still available.

Yard-long beans, cucumbers, herbs and nasturtium flowers are the primary ingredients in this salad.

Yard-long beans, cucumbers, herbs and nasturtium flowers are the primary ingredients in this salad, although I added some finely chopped “Sweet Heat” peppers. The beans have been sautéed so that they are cooked but still crispy. Unlike regular beans, the purple color in these “red noodle beans” remains even when heated.

Chopped salads can be made of any veggie you have on hand. We served this one with sliced garden tomatoes, grilled chicken and slices of crusty, grilled garlic bread. The nasturtium flowers are a combination of slightly peppery and slightly sweet, so they are an important component in this dish.


Spots on Tomato Fruit

But for every spotted tomato we pick several that are undamaged. This basket of perfect fruit was picked at the same time as the blighted tomato in the photo above. They are delicious, and beautiful, and worth all our efforts in growing them.

In late summer and early fall I get many inquiries about spots on tomato fruit and foliage. Dark spots on yellowing leaves, black spots or sunken areas on the fruit…”What is wrong with my tomatoes?” people ask. These are usually fungal problems and although it’s usually difficult to diagnose which tomato disease people are dealing

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Cultivating Flexibility

Early morning watering at Poison Ivy Acres.

Any regular reader of my blogs knows that one of the things I value most about gardening is that is fosters flexibility. Plants are living things, and living things are quirky…we are in partnership with Mother Nature in our landscapes and she has the controlling interest. Wise gardeners soon learn to be attentive and adaptable.

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Love This!

I Love Peacock Kale

There is a blush of pink on the Peacock White variety and the Peacock Pink is very bright as the cold season goes on... every October through December I say to myself, "Next fall I have to plant MORE of these..."

Name:  Brassica oleracea  Peacock White or Peacock Red aka Peacock kale

Type of Plant:  This feather-leaf cultivar of the ornamental kale is one of the fall annuals sold at garden centers in autumn.

Why I love this: My feeling is this: why buy mums that only last for three or four weeks, when you could

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Rockin’ The Garden

This gardener used those special stones to draw the eye to just one plant.

Do you have piles or pots filled with rocks that you’ve collected over the years? Perhaps you’ve walked on the beach or stream bed and particular stones called to you. “Pick me up! Take me home!” Or you’ve dug rocks from your garden as plants are put into the ground, tossing them into a pile

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Home is Where The Heart Is


I am opening my gardens on September 20th for the benefit of the Barnstable Education Foundation. As part of that event we’re selling some hydrangeas and Sweet Summer Love Clematis plants donated by Spring Meadow Nursery, and we’re having a sale and drawing for specially created birdhouses. The houses that have been coming in from

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