Planting an Herb Garden

One of my favorite things in the spring and early summer is planting my little out-the-kitchen-door herb garden. Whether you have a large veggie garden or not, everyone who loves to cook and eat great food needs fresh herbs that are convient to the kitchen. Be they in pots and boxes or grown in the ground, there are some must-have plants that are easily grown…and joyfully harvested throughout the summer.

Here are the plants I find essential.

Chives: they are the first perennial herbs that come up in cold-climate gardens and as such give any dish the taste of the spring season.

Sage: This perennial grows quickly and can be harvested into the winter. Try quickly frying leaves in a little butter for an instant, delicious garnish.

Basils: Grow as many varieties as possible. If you’ve had an attack of basil downy mildew in the past, be sure to plant the spice globe, lemon, and African blue varieties since these aren’t suseptible.

Lemon Verbena: Just rubbing a sprig inbetween your fingers is the best aromatherapy on earth, but in cocktails and other drinks it’s indespensible.

Rosemary: Grow several varieties, including a couple in pots so that you can bring them indoors in the winter.

Parsley: So easy and inexpensive that you’ll want to plant enough for yourself and the black swallowtail butterflies.

Cilantro: Don’t buy plants…grow this from seed. Sowing some seed every two or three weeks will provide you with fresh cilantro greens all summer long, hot weather or not. A must have herb for earth-beat cooking!

Mint: Ok, so manybe you shouldn’t put this in the kitchen door herb garden since it will soon take over that space and move on to growing into the window-wells and driveway. But in a pot or other container? Go nuts and plant several types, letting them slug it out together. May the best mint win!

Thyme: This perennial herb is so adaptable that you can plant it at the front of any sunny garden or even in cracks in the patio. So if you’re short on space in your herb garden, know that this plant will thrive in other locations, even against all odds.

I have a little patch just outside the kitchen door where my daily go-to herbs are planted. Others may also grow in the veggie garden, but be sure to plant the dash-out-for-a-sprig-of varieties close to where the cooking takes place.

I have a little patch just outside the kitchen door where my daily go-to herbs are planted. Others may also grow in the veggie garden, but be sure to plant the dash-out-for-a-sprig-of varieties close to where the cooking takes place. Seen in this corner, chives and parsley.


Sunburn on Houseplants

See the white leaves on this plant? They have been sunburned, and will soon fall off.

At this time of year I’m sending my houseplants to summer camp. I’m also puttting those plants that I’ve wintered indoors outside again, and in both cases it’s easy for these things to be sunburned. The main message in this post is this: Never assume that the place you’re putting your plants is shady enough

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Love This!

I Love ‘Red Head’ Coleus

Name: Solenostemon ‘Redhead’ aka coleus ‘Red Head’

Type of Plant: An annual that is trouble free, brilliant in color, and easy to grow in Sun or part shade.

Why I Love This: This is one of the new varieties of coleus that you don’t have to deadhead and pinch early in the season. It branches out all by

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Tillandsia (Air Plant) Chandelier

Here's how the finished piece looks under my grape arbor. Once the grapes are fully leafed out these plants will love the dappled light here! Until then, I'll place this in a bright location where they won't get dead-on sun.

As I was pondering how I’d keep my Tillandsia plants happy outdoors this year, my eyes fell on a wire chandelier style candle holder. Perfect!

I used the following materials: Cling florist clay Bark-covered wire Green Craft Wire CedarFresh Cedar Flower Rings with Lavendar , 20-Pack (I had these in my craft supplies already. Purpose below.) Spanish

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Rhubarb Ginger Compote

Chop the rhubarb and grate the ginger.

It’s spring, and many gardeners have rhubarb in the garden. Even if you’re not ready to make a pie, rhubarb crisp, or any of the other great uses of rhubarb stalks, you can quickly make a compote that can be used in a variety of ways. Once you have this cooked it can be frozen

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Love This!

Dear Essie House

"Six Little Birds Dancing on a Wire" was done by Essie House, a Kindergarten student at the Theodore Jones Elementary school in Arkansas. This was one of the many amazing works by young people that I saw at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock. If you're looking for a great place to visit in the USA, look no further than Little Rock, Arkansas. I was blessed to be there in May, and Essie's painting was just one part of my spirit-lifting visit.

Dear Essie, I saw your delightful painting at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock. Please believe me when I say that I enjoyed all of the pieces that were done by the young people such as yourself as much as I appreciated the other exhibits that we walked through last week. All of the

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