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The Local Juice

I discovered a drink that tastes like my garden: healthy, fresh and just a tad earthy. It’s made by a Cape Cod Company called The Local Juice. Although I realize that followers of this blog who are not on Cape might not have access to this juice, I must write about it here so that those of you who are local are in the know. The rest of you will just have to come for the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival and get juiced while you’re here.

Slightly spicy, earthy and full-flavored, this juice is delicious. I can almost feel it jump-starting my immune system!

Slightly spicy, earthy and full-flavored, this juice is delicious. I can almost feel it jump-starting my immune system!

On this Wednesday for Foodies right before Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for local products, new experiences, and food that is both tasty and healthy.


Watering Houseplants

This tray collects any water that flows out of the plants when they are well watered. If too much water remains in the tray it's easy to soak it up with an old terrycloth towel. Note that the old myth about being able to raise humidity around plants with a tray of pebbles and water is just that: a myth. (Read "Coffee for Roses" for the truth about this and the often-recommended practice of misting plants as well!)

I think that the main reason people kill indoor plants is poor watering practices. Many people are prone to watering too little or too much, and these extremes kill plants. Here’s how to water a houseplant well:

1. Be sure that there is a deep saucer or a tray under all of your plants. If you

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Love This!

I Love Honey Nut Squash

Unlike larger butternut squash, the Honey Nut variety is ripe when they are green/tan/orange.

Name: Honey Nut Squash

Type of Plant:  A fantastic small winter squash for growing on a trellis or other support in full sun.

Why I love this:  Where do I start to rave about this plant? OK…we have to start with the taste of the end product because if that isn’t superb there isn’t any

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How to Make a Pony or Horse Wreath

The long greens get pinned on the mane, and a ribbon halter is pinned around to the back. I used natural pine cones instead of red, and pinned a cluster of artificial variegated holly and berries for accent.

Pony and horse holiday door decorations have been all over Facebook and Pinterest lately, so it wasn’t surprising to me that a customer came into the garden center with this image on her phone. “Can you make one of these for me?” she asked. “I tried calling this place to order one but their Facebook

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Love This!

Words To Live By


Take it to heart

“Don’t Piss Off The Fairies” Outdoor Wall Plaque


Vegetable “Flan” That’s Light but Satisfying

Ingredients for this quickly prepared side dish or vegetarian entree.

Here’s what I was going for with this recipe: a dinner side dish that has three veggies, protein and a richly satisfying taste while not being too fatty or rich. In other words, I wanted healthy comfort food. And since I commonly cook dishes that will serve four to six people, even though it’s usually

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